SEC vs. Big Ten/ACC on New Year's Day in Orlando. Last year: Missouri 33, Minnesota 17

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Priority seating is available through membership with Florida Citrus Sports.

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Please note: Florida Citrus Sports uses dynamic demand-based pricing. For more information on dynamic pricing, see the FAQ below.

When looking at Ticketmaster's seating chart, the Big Ten is located on the West sideline while the SEC is located on the East.

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Dynamic Pricing

Florida Citrus Sports is introducing demand-based pricing for bowl game tickets. Pricing is based on a variety of factors that will be used to decide whether prices should be adjusted downward or upward, such as ticket availability, supply and demand, etc. Because prices can change based on a variety of market conditions, fans are encouraged to plan ahead, buy early, and lock-in a price and the best seat locations!

If you have any questions regarding dynamic pricing, please review our FAQs below or call Florida Citrus Sports at 407.423.2476.

Which seats are subject to dynamic pricing?

All upper level seats will be priced based on market demand.

How do I know I'm getting the best price possible for my tickets?

For general public Ticketmaster sales, the lowest priced tickets for each bowl game are offered when tickets are first made available for sale on September 3; therefore, fans could buy those tickets early and lock-in their price. As fans elect to wait closer to gameday to purchase, the availability of those lowest-priced tickets my decline.

How often do dynamic ticket prices change?

Dynamic prices are subject to change daily as the market dictates. Florida Citrus Sports will analyze multiple data points to determine ticket price changes. Timing for price adjustments is not pre-determined and will depend entirely upon market conditions.

What happens if prices are lowered after I buy my tickets?

Tickets are always priced based on market demand. There may be times where prices decrease should conditions warrant, but in most cases price reductions will occur in non-comparable seating locations.Further, the lowest priced game tickets were available when tickets first were made available for sale on September 3, so fans will have always had the opportunity to purchase the least expensive ticket possible. As with all of our tickets, all sales are final.

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